BH producers welcomed the export of 15,000 tons of meat to Turkey, as a salvation for domestic production.

The results are the first positive effects of recovery and revitalization of BH livestock, especially regarding the breeding of cattle and cows.

Domestic farmers have no longer issues with the placement of their meat, and they are satisfied with the selling price.

“We got the tender for 4,000 tons of meat without bones to Turkey market. Good part of it is from our own production, but we still supply the most from the domestic market,” said Damir Pavkovic, director of the Meat Industry Sisovic.

Pavkovic said that B&H is producing 10 % of beef meat for the purposes it could not sell since the imported meat is much cheaper, probably due to the state subsidies, so that now domestic producers are finally prominent.

By the decision of the Government of Republic of Turkey on the import of 15,000 tons of beef from B&H made a boom in domestic livestock, according to Era Lasic from the Chamber of Commerce of FB&H.

“We wish that this decision lasts as long as possible, because it would result in new workplaces, opening of new capacities, utilization of raw land etc.”, said Lasic.

Precisely because of this chance for local livestock breeders, the number of cattle on dairy farms suddenly started to increase, as well as the interest for opening of the new farms.

“Regarding the Herzegovina, this reflected in a very positive way. We have farms with 50-100 cattle in herds, where they will become prominent,” said Pavkovic.

The approval of the import of beef from B&H was preceded by verification of its high quality. That is why the people in our country are hoping that more than 15,000 tons could be exported in the next period.