The harvesting of blueberries on the hills above Srebrenica has started, and the pickers say that the blueberry fields that were affected by fires three years ago are now rejuvenated and that yield is solid.

Every morning, a smaller number of unemployed and elderly villagers, who do not grow and pick raspberries, go to the cragged hills to pick blueberries, coming back in the evening with five to 10 kg of harvested fruits.

The price of a kilogram of blueberries is 10 BAM, and the middlemen pay eight BAM. Skilled pickers harvest up to 15 kilos per day, which brings them the daily earnings that they cannot get anywhere else.

The elderly are also satisfied, harvesting around five kilos of blueberries daily, for which they charge 40 to 50 BAM in the evening, which are good daily earnings for the local conditions.

Harvesting blueberries is an opportunity for an additional source of income for many families which provides the means for the purchase of firewood, winter food reserves, and other needs.

Blueberries from this area are of exceptional quality, and very appreciated and sought after on the market.