The Consortium is a public body economic, for it applies the general rules of public limited companies.

The Cosib aims:

  • to promote productive development of the region through studies, projects and proposals;
  • to acquire good-naturedly or through expropriation, and sell land and properties for the establishment of companies, local infrastructure and common services;
  • to build and operate works, plants, equipment and services of interest and common use;
  • to promote, implement and manage infrastructure for industry, commerce and crafts, rustic and industrial real services to enterprises, for the orientation and training of workers, middle managers and young entrepreneurs, and any other functional service to the economic activities of interest;
  • to select and locate the manufacturing and service initiatives in the area of competence;
  • to promote the establishment of the company to which to entrust the design, construction and operation of works, infrastructure and services;
  • to assume, then, any action appropriate to achieve institutional goals.


About Cosib:

The Consortium is located in a very convenient position. It is 1 km away from the Adriatic Highway; it is close to Termoli and Vasto ports and to Pescara and Bari airports; and it is 5 km away from the Adriatic rail line Bologna-Bari. His venue has been recently renewed. All offices have LAN and Internet access. Some of them have the possibility of videoconference. In the building there are two meeting rooms and an Auditorium with 250 seats and well equipped. The Auditorium holds often several conferences at local and national level. The number of employees is 37 and the budget of 2008 is around 8 Ml Eur.

Since few years the Consortium has been involved in a number of initiatives at international level. They refer to the involvement in a innovative and pioneer study and research project on meteo-diffusion with Enea (Italian Institute of Energy and Environment), the Universities of Phoenix, S. Petersburg and Helsinki, and Regione Molise. The Consortiun has also applied for funds to several EU projects, mainly related to research and development, environment, etc. At the moment they are still in the evaluation process.In the short term plans, Cosib aims at creating a center of permanent training in the automotive sector, in order to guarantee a constant availability of specialized personnel in the area where a high number of enterprises are related to and work for the automotive sector. Furthermore, very shortly it will be activated a center for applied research that will work as a innovation diffuser for all enterprises.

Few months ago Cosib implemented a service of tele-control and management of public lighting in Consortium area that will reduce the consumption of energy and optimize the service. In the coming months this system will also be used for video-surveillance.Cosib runs an environmental laboratory that executes analysis of chemical and microbiological environmental analysis.In 2007 the laboratory gained the certification of quality ISO 9001:2000. Very recently the laboratory got the accreditation to the International Laboratory Accreditation (ILAC-MRA) and to the Italian Sinal (Sistema nazionale per l’accreditamento di laboratori).

Cosib is the legal and administrative venue of the first South Adriatic Eurodistrict, an association of Municipalities of Lower Molise, Montenegro, Albania. Throughout this association Cosib supports the common growth of the Adriatic productive systems through: a. cross-border cooperation;b. strengthening the institutional, economic and social system;c. enhancing links among the productive systems of the two Adriatic banks.
Hence, Cosib can rely on its own resources and on a professional team that has a good experience with the EU programming and projects, and that has gained experience working with International partners.



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