International Food, Hospitality and Technology for the Food and Drinks Industry Exhibition

FIL Venue, Lisboa, Portugal

14-17 April 2013

The Largest Business Platform for the Food and Drinks, Distribution and Hospitality Sectors in Portugal

The main aim of holding Alimentaria Lisboa and Horexpo together is to generate greater value for both exhibitors and visitors. The two trade shows are the most successful and influential in their respective markets in Portugal.

This project gathers both the supply and demand sides of the food and drinks industry, hospitality and distribution together under the same roof. However, each show, AlimentariaHorexpo and Tecnoalimentaria, will retain its own personality and reinforce the ideal structure for its supply side in order to facilitate the making of contacts and business deals. This comprehensive range of offerings will enable participating companies to gain access to a larger number of sectors on the demand side, in short, to more customers. The scope of potential buyers will be expanded, encompassing professionals from the food and drinks industry, modern and traditional distribution channels, specialty shops, restaurants, hotels, and more. 

In addition, professional visitors will have the opportunity to gain access to a space which brings together the largest and most complete selection required by the food and restaurant industry. This is a space which can meet every need. Alimentaria&Horexpo is strategically located in the centre of the Europe-Africa-America trade triangle. In addition to covering the entire Portuguese market, it is a natural bridge for food and beverage industry trade with Portuguese-speaking countries – Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique, more than 200 million potential consumers – and enjoys the support of the major associations, both Portuguese and international.