Agriculture in Nature and Environment Protection


Agroglas, Istro (International Soil Tillage Research Organization) and HDPOT (Croatian Soil Tillage Research Organization)

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Ulica Hrvatske Republike 20

The "Agriculture in Nature and Environment Protection" is the topic of this International Scientic/Professional Conference which, for the 7th time, will be held in Vukovar, Croatia. The Conference was initiated by "Agroglas", a biweekly journal for agriculture, and based on public opinion of agricultural production being one of the greatest environmental pollutant. From the very beginning, one of the organizers is ISTRO, International Soil and Tillage Research Organization, together with HDPOT, Croatian ISTRO branch,under the auspices of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Croatia. Co-organizers are also national scientic and professional institutions: Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, Faculty of Agronomy Zagreb, Croatian Food Agency, Croatian Extension Service, Agricultural Agency and many others which are contributing to the excellence of our Conference. Throughout the years, our Conference has proled into forum in which academics, scientists and experts from Croatia and surrounding countries exchange knowledge and experience, present results of recent researches. Through communication with producers, experts and scientists, new paths and directions for future research are proled. The presented papers, given that agriculture is an interdisciplinary production, cover a broad spectrum of topics, which present possibilities of sustainable and environment friendly agricultural production. The population growth, global climatic changes, industrialization, technological development, and the need for alternative energy sources, promote agriculture as a strategic human endeavor, and demand from Agroglas, as a journal for agriculture, to inform and educate its readers. Considering the new circumstances, to organize this international scientic professional conference about the "Agriculture in nature and environment protection" is a necessity due to the emphasis on the importance of agricultural production in global sustainability strategy. Traditionally, this scientic professional conference is taking place in Vukovar, giving the participants an opportunity to become acquainted with this picturesque city in Slavonia, the sight of many historic important events.